Frequently Asked Questions – Reservation Portal

Q: How many reciprocal reservations do I get each year?
A: Four. Each calendar year, you can make a total of four (4) non-home club reservations at
each of our 175+ locations around the country.

Q: Is there a way to tell how many reciprocal reservations I have used at a specific club?
A: Yes. With our updated Reservations Portal, you can select a club during the online
reservation process and the system will show you how many reservations you have left at that

Q: Will the Reservations Portal allow me to access more boats at non-home clubs?
A: No. The number and type of boats available for reciprocal booking at a given location will still
be determined on a club-by-club basis. However, the system will eliminate some of the conflicts
that would arise from time to time during the manual reservation process, such as double
booking or miscommunication regarding vessel type, ensuring that the exact boat you book is
available on the day(s) you request.

Q: What other benefits does this new system offer?
A: In addition to the rules and regulations established by Freedom Boat Club at the corporate
level, many of our clubs have their own set of requirements for reserving/using their vessels.
With our portal, selecting a boat will display a complete list of requirements and certifications
needed for your upcoming day on the water.

Q: If I use all of my allotted reciprocal reservations at a specific club, can I purchase more?
A: No. You cannot increase the number of reciprocal reservations at a non-home club. Once
you’ve reached your limit, you can reserve vessels at any of our other 175+ locations around
the country or, if you’re only interested in a specific club, you can inquire about a full
membership at that location.

Q: Who can I contact with additional questions?
A: For more information on the updated Reservations Portal, club rules and regulations and
more, please contact the management at your home club or email us at