The Burning of the Socks
A coastal tradition for celebrating the first day of Spring
Hello spring! Good bye crusty old winter socks.
Join us at the Freedom Boat Club located at Habourgate Marina or the Southport Marina on Tuesday, Mach 20th from 5 pm to 7 pm for our “Burning of the Socks” celebration.
Here’s what you can expect:
  • sock burning (B.Y.O.S.)
  • food and drinks provided by FBC
  • mix and mingle with members and guests
  • Master of the Sock Burning Ceremony, Karen Berry and Dave Patterson
Please RSVP by calling 843-732-4711 or simply respond to this email with the number of people attending along with the location.
How to beat the winter blahs
plus a short history of sock burning 
You haven’t been on your boat since last boating season. Tension is mounting and you have little energy within you. You are eating more to relieve stress.
One effective way to lower these blahs, according to psychologists, is to relax. But the very best way to re-energize and increase your optimism is to burn your winter socks.
How’s that?
Yes, you can both eat more and relax by burning your winter socks at the Freedom Boat Club’s “Burning of the Socks” celebration on March 15th scheduled on the Vernal Equinox.
So what’s the “Burning of the Socks” all about?
It’s become a coastal tradition, dating back to the early 1980s, starting in Annapolis. There, Bob Turner, who managed a boatyard, got tired of the winter blahs. While working on other people’s boats all winter, his socks collected sawdust, bottom paint, caulk, fiberglass resin, and other boat yard leavings.
In other words, his socks would stand up when he took them off at night.
One year, on the first day of Spring, he took off his socks, put them in a paint tray, sprinkled on some lighter fluid, lit them, and had a beer to celebrate.
And so the tradition began.
There are now sock burnings in boating towns across the country.