Costa Rica Info Session – Dec. 12 at 6pm

Being part of the Freedom Boat Club has many benefits like member socials, member boat trips, dock parties, fishing club meeting, fishing trips and a Diva program for the women, just to name a few of the many activities that Freedom Boat Club provides. We are always looking for new ways to add value to your membership. We are continuing our partnership with Capt. Mike and have added more trips to Costa Rica for 2020!
As some of you may know, this past April 2019 our local SC Captains Mike Masiero Sr. and Mike Masiero Jr. worked with the Freedom Boat Club and escorted four of our members on our Maiden Fishing & Adventure Trip to Jaco, Costa Rica. To say it was a success is an understatement!
We are planning next year’s trip and want to invite you to attend an Info Session on Thursday, December 12, 2019 beginning at 6pm at 810 Bowling in North Myrtle Beach. Freedom Boat Club will provide appetizers and drinks for the group and the Masiero’s will give you all the exciting information you need to help prepare you for the trip of a lifetime to Jaco, Costa Rica.
On top of catching Pacific Sailfish in the 100lb. range, and three-digit Blue Marlin, you’ll experience catching Mahi, 25lb. Spanish Mackerel, 30lb. Snook, and Rooster Fish while on the shore of the cliffs that resemble Jurassic Park. 
On non-fishing days whether you are dining or shopping in downtown Jaco, or if you decide to take an ATV Zip Line tour through the mountains, Costa Rica will give you lasting memories.
See all the pictures, videos and the full reviews at
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Costa Rica

Greg and Viv Albrecht
First timers at bill fishing, but what a great adventure is was fishing Jaco, Costa Rica with Captains Mike Sr. and Mike Jr.
First, let me thank both Captains for a fantastic fishing trip. If you have dreams of landing a bill fish, then this trip is worthy of your attention.
My wife and I are novice bill fishermen, and we highly recommend booking this trip. You will experience Costa Rica both from the land and sea. Besides fishing, we also enjoyed an ATV tour which explored the picturesque vistas, deep valleys, forded fast moving streams and rested and had lunch by a gentle waterfall. Wet and dirty awaits this choice. Did not do the Zip line. Maybe next trip.
Capt. Bill Cohen 
Captains Mike Sr. and Mike Jr. did a great job and were thorough in every detail from transportation, accommodations, boats, crews and meals.
As an experienced offshore angler, I know how exceptional a two-day tally of 7 sails and 1 blue marlin is. Our day 2 tally alone would have placed us in the top 5 boats of the local tournament.
I can’t wait to see what you put together with all the knowledge you gained from your maiden effort.
Ray Ferris
I want to thank Capts. Mike Sr. & Mike Jr. for a great fishing trip.  It was on my bucket list to hook up with a blue marlin and a sail fish, and I caught both.
The Captains did a great job and the accommodations were top shelf, and they sure cook great! I highly recommend using Legacy Charters.

Guest List 2019 Grand Strand Christmas Party

Albrecht, Greg & Vivianna
Anderson, Gene
Anderson, Yvette
Andrews, John & Ellen
Argentieri, Dennis & Ginny
Ayers, Mike
Backer, Jesse
Barham, Deborah
Bennett, Jim & Linda
Black, Sarah
Blume, Joseph & Caroline
Boughman/Wolk-Boughman Gary & Joanne
Bowman, Mike
Brabham, Lamar & Sandy
Deyo, John
Durrett, Mark & Angela
Foss/Murray, Dwayne/Lisa
Gilbert, Julie
Grenfell, Hank & Barbara
Grygiel, Larry
Hake, Steve & Barbara
Hanna/Cary, Mark & Pam
Hargather, Kate
Herbst, Dale & Linda
Hunt, Jude & Dreama

Kennedy, Jay & Dianna
Kocher, Paul & Joan (MB full)
Kraus, Dan & Rebecca
Lambert, Jack & Cherie
Lawrence, Bill & Karen (IM)
Lee, Sun & Candace
Leon, George & Pat
Lore, Jason
Maccaferri, Don & Sandy
Majocha, Jimmy & Carol
Marquardt, Tom
Partrick, Suzanna
Pendergrass, Steve
Poe, Marcus & Bree
Poniatowski, Bob & Christine
Poulin/Jones, William/Anita
Rankin, Wilson
Ricker, Doug & Debra
Roenick, Jim & Rosemary
Roether, Larry & Gabriella
Rossi, Richard
Safrit, Woodie
Schneck, David and Mary
Skinner, Duane & Joan
Snow, Gregory
Soltani, Saeed & Tamara
Stoltz, Dave & Karla
Temple, Joseph
Tinkham, Jim
Turnbull, Jim & Joni
Wallis, Ray
Walton, Ruth & Rick
Wells, Garry
Winn, Ann

August 2019 Events

August 13 – Freedom Boating Diva Trip out of FBC in Southport

August 15 – Dock Party in North Myrtle Beach

August 17 – Open House at FBC at Wacca Wache

August 22 – Sunset Cruise out of FBC at Wacca Wache

August 24  – FBC Social at St. James Players Club

August 27 – Member Boat Trip to Conway out of Wacca Wache

August 29 – FBC Fishing Club meeting in Southport

August 29 – FBC Fishing Club Fishing Trip out of Southport

Call for more information:  843-399-8711

Frequently Asked Questions – Reservation Portal

Frequently Asked Questions – Reservation Portal

Q: How many reciprocal reservations do I get each year?
A: Four. Each calendar year, you can make a total of four (4) non-home club reservations at
each of our 175+ locations around the country.

Q: Is there a way to tell how many reciprocal reservations I have used at a specific club?
A: Yes. With our updated Reservations Portal, you can select a club during the online
reservation process and the system will show you how many reservations you have left at that

Q: Will the Reservations Portal allow me to access more boats at non-home clubs?
A: No. The number and type of boats available for reciprocal booking at a given location will still
be determined on a club-by-club basis. However, the system will eliminate some of the conflicts
that would arise from time to time during the manual reservation process, such as double
booking or miscommunication regarding vessel type, ensuring that the exact boat you book is
available on the day(s) you request.

Q: What other benefits does this new system offer?
A: In addition to the rules and regulations established by Freedom Boat Club at the corporate
level, many of our clubs have their own set of requirements for reserving/using their vessels.
With our portal, selecting a boat will display a complete list of requirements and certifications
needed for your upcoming day on the water.

Q: If I use all of my allotted reciprocal reservations at a specific club, can I purchase more?
A: No. You cannot increase the number of reciprocal reservations at a non-home club. Once
you’ve reached your limit, you can reserve vessels at any of our other 175+ locations around
the country or, if you’re only interested in a specific club, you can inquire about a full
membership at that location.

Q: Who can I contact with additional questions?
A: For more information on the updated Reservations Portal, club rules and regulations and
more, please contact the management at your home club or email us at

Military and 1st Responder Recognition Party – April 13 from 1-3pm

An exciting Military and 1st Responder Recognition Party will be held this Saturday (4/13/19) from 1 to 3 p.m at the Brand New Cape Cod Cottages located a 4425 Sea Mountain Hwy, Little River, SC 29566. There will be free waterway tours offered on boats provided by The Freedom Boat Club and by Myrtle Beach Watersports aboard the newly renovated Sea Thunder dolphin tour boat.

Free hot dogs will be provided by Freedom Boat Club. We are thrilled to have partnered with Dave Priest of 99.5 WRRN, who will be providing live coverage of the events. The event will promote our community’s history and culture for our community and visitors alike.

The Freedom Boat Club (located across the swing bridge from Cape Cod Cottages), has an exciting special offer for all buyers of a Cape Cod Cottage. Please stop by and see how convenient it can be to have a wide array of boats available to you in your own backyard.

Sponsors include Freedom Boat Club, Cape Cod Cottages, the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, the Little River Chamber of Commerce, Vietnam Veteran’s Association and the Military Officers Club. For additional information call 843-732-4711.

Relay for Life of the Grand Strand

The Relay For Life movement is the American Cancer Society’s signature fundraiser dedicated to helping communities attack cancer. From team members to volunteers, we all want to remember those we’ve lost, help those affected today, and give us a home team advantage against cancer. Through funds donated, time given, or awareness raised, our communities are teaming up to make a difference. When we rally together in the fight against cancer through this fun and inspirational event, we can accomplish anything.
Freedom Boat Club has participated in Relay for Life of the Grand Strand for 13 years now and we have raised over $100,000 in the fight against cancer. Relay for Life takes place at Grand Park at the Market Commons this year in Myrtle Beach on May 4th beginning at 11am.
Please join us at 710 Bowling for a team planning meeting for TEAM FREEDOM.
When: Thursday, March 14th at 6pm
Where: 710 Bowling in North Myrtle Beach
Why: To plan our events for this year’s Relay for Life
To join TEAM FREEDOM or to make a donation please click here or go to We are TEAM FREEDOM at the Grand Strand Relay for Life.
Please RSVP with the number of people attending by calling 843-732-4711 or simply respond to this email.
There is also a Relay for Life meeting for ALL teams on March 4th at 6pm but Freedom Boat Club will not be in attendance. Please feel free to attend! Logan’s Roadhouse 1136 Oak Forest Drive Myrtle Beach SC 29577.

North Myrtle Beach St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival

Come and ride or walk with us in the biggest parade on the Grand Strand, dogs welcome, too. 
Show your Freedom Boat Club Pride and have some fun as we sport our green together. We’ll have a prize for the best dressed and most enthusiastic member.
The parade is on March 16th and starts at 9am, you would need to be there by no later than 8:30am.   More details about parking and our lineup number coming soon.
​​St. Patrick’s Day Parade
Main Street, North Myrtle Beach, SC
Saturday, March 16, 2019
Parade: 9 a.m.

Luck of the MarshWalk

The leprechauns will find their pot of gold at the MarshWalk for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration!
Grab your green gear and frolic down the MarshWalk for the 4th Annual Luck of the MarshWalk starting at 2pm. Three lucky leprechauns will win their very own pot of gold. Contestants will make their way up and down the MarshWalk collecting stamps on their stamp card from each location, all while enjoying drink specials, Irish-inspired dishes, and live music.
Start at the Freedom Boat Club tent that will be located at the Crazy Sister Marina from 2pm-8pm. You will then pick up a stamp card to qualify to win from any of the eight MarshWalk restaurants. Final judging will be held on the Bovine’s back deck at 8pm. To win you must have your card stamped from each restaurant.
So, gather your shamrocks, and bring some luck to the MarshWalk this St. Patrick’s Day!
• Registration Place – Meet Freedom Boat Club at the Crazy Sister Marina, look for our tent.
• Can pick up cards – Beginning at 2pm
• Judging Place – Bovine’s back deck
• Judging time – 8pm
Luck of the MarshWalk Prizes
1st Place: $300, $500 OFF a trip to Ireland from Cruise Planners, and $100 in MarshWalk gift cards
2nd Place: $200 cash and $100 in MarshWalk gift cards
3rd Place: $100 cash and $100 in MarshWalk gift cards
Crowd Choice: $100 in MarshWalk gift cards
Please RSVP by calling 843-732-4711 or simply respond to this email with the number of people attending.

Double Referral Fees – Open House

You read that correctly! DOUBLE REFERRAL FEES IN MARCH!
You’re invited to bring a friend and join us for an afternoon on the dock at our Freedom Boat Club Open House
March 16, 1-4pm at FBC of Southport at the Southport Marina
March 23, 1-4pm at the FBC of Murrells inlet at the Crazy Sister Marina
March 30, 1-4pm at the FBC of Southport at the Southport Marina
March 30, 1-4pm at the FBC of North Myrtle Beach at the Crazy Sister Marina
We are paying Double Referral Fees in March so bring your friends, neighbors, co-workers, anyone interested in joining Freedom Boat Club and if they join we will give you $400 instead of the normal $200. Not only that but if they join you will be invited to our VIP Member Referral Party where we will buy you dinner and drinks and have a raffle for free monthly dues.
The 1x Entry Fee increased from $3900 to $4900 for Monday – Friday and it went from $5900 to $6900 for the 7 day a week membership on March 1st. Your referrals can still get in this month with the old rates but only until the end of March so spread the word.
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