Costa Rica

Greg and Viv Albrecht
First timers at bill fishing, but what a great adventure is was fishing Jaco, Costa Rica with Captains Mike Sr. and Mike Jr.
First, let me thank both Captains for a fantastic fishing trip. If you have dreams of landing a bill fish, then this trip is worthy of your attention.
My wife and I are novice bill fishermen, and we highly recommend booking this trip. You will experience Costa Rica both from the land and sea. Besides fishing, we also enjoyed an ATV tour which explored the picturesque vistas, deep valleys, forded fast moving streams and rested and had lunch by a gentle waterfall. Wet and dirty awaits this choice. Did not do the Zip line. Maybe next trip.
Capt. Bill Cohen 
Captains Mike Sr. and Mike Jr. did a great job and were thorough in every detail from transportation, accommodations, boats, crews and meals.
As an experienced offshore angler, I know how exceptional a two-day tally of 7 sails and 1 blue marlin is. Our day 2 tally alone would have placed us in the top 5 boats of the local tournament.
I can’t wait to see what you put together with all the knowledge you gained from your maiden effort.
Ray Ferris
I want to thank Capts. Mike Sr. & Mike Jr. for a great fishing trip.  It was on my bucket list to hook up with a blue marlin and a sail fish, and I caught both.
The Captains did a great job and the accommodations were top shelf, and they sure cook great! I highly recommend using Legacy Charters.

Guest List 2019 Grand Strand Christmas Party

Albrecht, Greg & Vivianna
Anderson, Gene
Anderson, Yvette
Andrews, John & Ellen
Argentieri, Dennis & Ginny
Ayers, Mike
Backer, Jesse
Barham, Deborah
Bennett, Jim & Linda
Black, Sarah
Blume, Joseph & Caroline
Boughman/Wolk-Boughman Gary & Joanne
Bowman, Mike
Brabham, Lamar & Sandy
Deyo, John
Durrett, Mark & Angela
Foss/Murray, Dwayne/Lisa
Gilbert, Julie
Grenfell, Hank & Barbara
Grygiel, Larry
Hake, Steve & Barbara
Hanna/Cary, Mark & Pam
Hargather, Kate
Herbst, Dale & Linda
Hunt, Jude & Dreama

Kennedy, Jay & Dianna
Kocher, Paul & Joan (MB full)
Kraus, Dan & Rebecca
Lambert, Jack & Cherie
Lawrence, Bill & Karen (IM)
Lee, Sun & Candace
Leon, George & Pat
Lore, Jason
Maccaferri, Don & Sandy
Majocha, Jimmy & Carol
Marquardt, Tom
Partrick, Suzanna
Pendergrass, Steve
Poe, Marcus & Bree
Poniatowski, Bob & Christine
Poulin/Jones, William/Anita
Rankin, Wilson
Ricker, Doug & Debra
Roenick, Jim & Rosemary
Roether, Larry & Gabriella
Rossi, Richard
Safrit, Woodie
Schneck, David and Mary
Skinner, Duane & Joan
Snow, Gregory
Soltani, Saeed & Tamara
Stoltz, Dave & Karla
Temple, Joseph
Tinkham, Jim
Turnbull, Jim & Joni
Wallis, Ray
Walton, Ruth & Rick
Wells, Garry
Winn, Ann